Monitoring & Control Systems

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Installation of Maretron DCM100 module. Just one example of the many modules that Maretron manufacture that we have experience installing and configuring. These include the AC Power, Temperature, Fluid Pressure and SMS Module.
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Second monitoring station installed in the Wheelhouse of an Ocean Alexander 54’ to view the Northern Lights Generator vitals. This required the installation of dual station senders.
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This Maretron DSM250 Display was installed onboard this vessel in addition to a secondary smaller DSM150 display. Both were installed and configured to display weather derived from an Airmar WX200 Weather Station. This project also included the installation of AC & DC power modules in addition to the SMS Alert Module.

Example of a Chetco Digital Systems touchscreen configured for displaying engine values and switch panel.
As can be seen in the adjacent picture, after removal of the old analog and manual switch bank & wiring by the owner, a Chetco Seagauge/Seaswitch unit was installed and integrated into the existing ships wiring.
Two such units were installed to allow switching in the wheelhouse in addition to the flybridge. Chetco also make a NMEA2000 WiFi gateway which was installed. This allowed the use of third party NMEA apps to display the engine data available on the network.
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Installation of an Anchor control system. This unit was designed to protect and allow isolation of the two separate systems controlling the Anchor winch. This included existing foot switches and an AutoAnchor Remote Control system.
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