Vessel Monitoring, Control & Automation

Programmable Logic Controllers

The system pictured right is a Siemens S7-1200 Programmable Logic Controller installed by Petrel Marine on a 68ft Nordlund Motor Yacht.
The system comprises.

- CPU1212C (8 Digital Inputs, 6 Digital Outputs, 2 Analog Inputs)
- SM1212 (16 Digital Outputs)
- SM1231 (8 Analog Inputs )
- SM1231 RTD (4 Analog Resistive Inputs)
- CSM1277 (4 Port Switch)
- Prosense XTD-0-UNV Universal Temperature Transmitter
- K.E.P Pulse Amplifier
Petrel Marine Installed S7-1200 Siemens PLC
Together this equipment can and was utilized to measure and control the following.

8 Total Digital Inputs

in this case only one was used for a conventional switch event, the bilge pump in the engine room. Two others were used utilizing the CPU’s high speed counters to measure a magnetic pulse sensor installed on the vessels two Lugger main engines giving RPM.

24 Total Digital Outputs.
These were used to control systems such as hydraulic pumps, running lights, horn, wipers, lighting and ventilation. These outputs are controlled by user input in the wheelhouse using a Siemens KTP700 touchscreen. In addition to these systems an output was used to operate a buzzer for alarm purposes.

14 Analog Inputs.
Four of these inputs were used to measure voltages from two Engine Lub Oil Pressure senders (0-100Psi) and two Transmission Pressures senders (0-600Psi). Two were used to measure resistance of temperature probes (-40-302F) for coolant temperatures. Two were used to measure current from Temperature Transmitters measuring Thermocouples for Exhaust Gas Temperatures (32-2282F).

Touchscreen Control & Monitoring

Engine Instruments Page
Above: Port & Starboard Engine Instruments With Hydraulic Pump Warning Light Activated Above 1100RPM.
LED Control Page
Above: Flybridge L.E.D Controller
Bilge Pump Monitoring
Above: Bilge Pump Activity Page
Below: 120V System Monitor With Email Notification (Right)
120V Load Monitoring
Remote Access - Monitoring & Control
One of the capabilities of the S7-1200 series is the integrated web server which enables access, monitoring and control of the system. Individual webpages can be designed and loaded to the system to allow easy access and control whilst away from the vessel.
In addition to this the system has SMTP capability allowing the sending of emails if connected to a network with internet access. Alternatively Siemens offer a GPRS module which allows SMS text messages to be sent should this be desired. This eliminates the requirement for a land based internet connection.

All of these can be custom configured very easily for piece of mind whilst away from the vessel. This is extremely helpful for situations over concern of loss of shore power, battery voltage levels or bilge pump status(runtime/cycles).
Flybridge Switch Control Page
Above : Flybridge Switch Panel.
Below: Mathers Engine Control Transfer Switch
Engine Transfer Control
Below Wiper Speed Control.
Wiper Control
Below: Sm@rtserver IPAD Integration
IPAD Sm@rtServer
Manual Switching & Fall Back

Installed alongside the PLC & Touchscreen control system is a manual and emergency override system. This system allows the owner to isolate the PLC system in a system failure emergency and operate all systems from an interface relay box, as pictured right.

These switches were installed at the relay boxes as the owner did not wish to have these visible at the wheelhouse. However they could equally be installed at a more accessible location allowing both PLC and Manual control of any systems.

In addition to this, should you wish to add monitoring to an engine there is no requirement to eliminate the existing monitoring system. The PLC system can be installed alongside any pre-existing monitoring system.
This is achieved by instailling additional sensor and connection ports.

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