We have experience with installation of Victron, Magnum, Xantrex and Promariner Inverters and Inverter/Chargers. In addition to installing units in standalone systems this experience includes stacking of units to create 240/120V systems for larger power, multi-phase or split-phase systems. These systems are normally coupled with battery monitoring systems such as the Victron BMV series, Magnum BMK or Xantrex Link. The examples below are of systems installed by Petrel Marine.
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Depending on system complexity and load criticality we will often install emergency bypass systems to allow direct power of the inverted load group from generator or shore power. Some examples of which are shown below alongside BMV battery monitor display heads and CGX controllers. One being for a system containing two separate inverter battery banks and inverted load groups i.e independent. The other for a stacked Victron 240/120V 6KW system. The center image shows a Magnum automatic generator startup system installed as part of a Magnum Inverter/Charger system all performed by Petrel Marine.
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Whether you are looking to completely upgrade your electrical system or make smaller additions and modifications. We have the ability to undertake either having significant experience undertaking numerous upgrades and modifications to 240/120VAC and 32/24/12VDC systems.
Both systems pictured here were installed by Petrel Marine. One being a total distribution system upgrade on a NautiCat, the other was a system repair on a GrandBanks.

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Installation of 240/120V battery charging systems in addition to DC to DC charging solutions . We have experience with Victron, Mastervolt, Pronautic charging systems and Balmar alternator external regulation systems as shown below. It is often necessary as owner and vessel power requirements increase that additional battery capacity be added. Coupled to space constraints separately located batteries are some required and installed. In some instances bank voltages differ and we have experience overcoming these issues to provide a solid and reliable means of keeping batteries charged whether at the dock, anchored or underway.
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Experience with installation of control and monitoring systems. Although primarily focusing on monitoring and control of electrical systems we can install Programmable Logic Controller based systems for almost any onboard parameters such as generator and engine temperatures and pressures or bilges that need monitoring and controlling. For most situations we can provide installations and support on multiple NMEA2000 solutions such as those provided by Maretron, Actisense and others. With NMEA2000 products offering hundreds of data collection options from wind sensors to pitch/roll gyro's most requirements can be solved with an off the shelf solution. However for more complex monitor and then control situations where a NMEA2000 solution would be too limited we can design, install and support Siemens S7-1200 based PLC systems.
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We have just recently started installing solar panels, and would be happy to discuss panel placement and potential solar energy harvesting onboard your boat. The below is an example of an installation performed by Petrel Marine using Solara panels and a Victron MPPT.
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